Out There With Patriots Playbook

I’ve started making the rounds promoting The New England Patriots Playbook.

I’ve got some events scheduled, starting with a speaking/signing thing at the BU Bookstore tomorrow evening. For details on that and other upcoming events, check out my events page. Or you could always like my author page on Facebook or follow me on Twitter. (Both of those come with bonus features including loads of great stats, no shortage of snarky comments about football, and my live tweeting of Patriots games in which historic milestones are celebrated, key stats are shared, and opponents are poked fun at as warranted.)

I’ve also been out there in the electronic media.

Stopped by Fox 25 in Boston recently to talk to Tom Leyden about the book. I don’t have the segment that aired on Sports Wrap, but here’s the entire unedited interview.


Also spent time on the phone with Roland Lajoie of “Vermont Country Morning” on 93.9 WLVB-FM in Morrisville, Vermont. Here’s that’s spot.


There’s more on the way. Stay tuned.

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