Trident Booksellers with Rich King

I can’t begin to express how excited I am about my upcoming dual event at Boston’s amazing Trident Booksellers & Cafe with my friend and fellow author Richard King.

Tuesday, November 3, 7 p.m.

I’ll be reading from The New England Patriots Playbook, talking about Patriots history.


Rich will be reading from and talking about his terrific memoir Meeting Tom Brady.

And I expect we’ll both answer some questions.

And then we’ll sign books. (Yes, I’ll sign Tom Brady vs. the NFL for you, too. Why wouldn’t I?)

Come out to say hello and talk Pats. Come out to pick up your copies of our books for your own library. Come out to grab some copies for your favorite Patriots fan. A signed book makes a great gift.


And if by some crazy chance you’re not a Pats fan (who are you?) and don’t have a Pats fan on your gift list, come out anyhow. Because here’s the secret: Rich’s book isn’t about the Patriots. It’s not a sports book. And it’s not a book written exclusively for sports fans (though any literate sports fan, regardless of team loyalty, would be making a huge mistake to pass on reading it). It’s a book about being human, about recognizing one’s own mortality, about having passions and having a drive to understand them, about wanting the unattainable. Rich is a hell of a writer and his book is an absolute joy to read. So come on out and meet him. (And, you know, bring that huge Pats fan wife, husband, sister or brother of yours along. I’ll distract them with another conversation about DeflateGate or the Super Bowl while you get to know Rich. It’ll be a win-win-win-win.)

Seriously, don’t miss this one. It’s gonna be a great night. I promise.


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