The New England Patriots Playbook Is Here

Well, it’s at my house anyhow. Could show up at your local bookstore any time. Even though the official release date is September 1, once stores have it, they can sell it.


As I’ve noted before, The New England Patriots Playbook, updates Game Changers: The Greatest Plays In New England Patriots History with exciting new material. It also features a great new layout.

There are some fun new chapters that cover the biggest moments from the five years since Game Changers was published — right up to the amazing Malcolm Butler’s interception that cemented the Pats as Super Bowl XLIX champions. There’s new material on Gronk and Edelman. There’s additional material on Wes Welker and the disappointing end of his tenure with the Patriots.

There’s gorgeous photography and a bunch of play diagrams that weren’t in Game Changers. And it’s all in a nice new format that makes it easier to read and travel with than Game Changers. I’m pretty psyched.

Neither Amazon nor Barnes & has made it available yet, though both are taking preorders.

When you see it out there on the shelves at your favorite bookstore (or in your local supermarket) drop me a line to let me know.

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