Coming September 2015: The New England Patriots Playbook

OK, I know the book everyone really wants me to update is Tom Brady vs. the NFL. I’m totally with all of you. And I promise it’ll get done as soon as we can convince Triumph Books that it needs to be done. (They don’t need to hear about it from me, by the way. I bug them about it regularly. They need to hear about it from you; you’re their customer. So maybe drop them a note.)

Still, I’m pretty excited that I’ve had a chance to update another of my books, one that remains a personal favorite — partly because it was so much fun to write and partly because it’s been so well received by readers.

Here’s the deal: This fall, Triumph will release The New England Patriots Playbook, which is an update, with exciting new material and a great new layout, of Game Changers: The Greatest Plays In New England Patriots History.


I’ve added new chapters and sidebars that cover the biggest moments from the five years since Game Changers was published — up to and including Malcolm Butler’s spectacular, game-winning interception at the end of Super Bowl XLIX. There are new pieces about Gronk and Edelman, and a final look at Wes Welker’s by turns amazing (mostly) and disappointing (at the exact wrong moment) time with the Patriots.

And Triumph has created a gorgeous new presentation for material old and new, including beautiful photography and a bunch of play diagrams. The format is more compact than Game Changers, so it’s easier to read (particularly if you do a lot of reading on the go) — and, as important, this format is perfect for e-readers.

It’s all very exciting.

And if you’re so inclined, you can pre-order (I don’t really like that phrase, but whatever) a paperback copy now on Amazon or Barnes &

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