The Second Edition of TBvNFL Is Here

You didn’t even know I was working on an updated, expanded second edition of Tom Brady vs. the NFL, did you?

Of course not. Because I didn’t tell you. That’s partly because I have this thing where I don’t like to talk about a book until it’s done. And it’s partly because I’m sometimes not so great at the whole having a web site thing.

But, hey, here we go. There’s a second edition. And I’m pretty psyched about it. Books have shipped. Amazon’s selling and shipping copies now. (Probably some other online retailers are, too, though Barnes & Noble isn’t quite yet.) And they’ll probably start showing up on the shelves at brick and mortar stores any day now.

Here’s what the awesome new cover looks like.


And now you’re wondering, other than the much better cover (not that the old one was bad; this one’s just better) how’s the second edition different from the first?

It’s the updated and expanded thing. This new edition includes:

  • Roughly 30,000 words of new material. Call it 80 pages if that’s easier to get your head around. In marketing speak that comes out to “Now with 30% more Tom Brady!”
  • Chapters from the first edition have been revised as appropriate. In the case of the Sid Luckman chapter, that mostly means I brought Brady’s career stats up to date and adjusted some of the language about where Luckman stands in Bears history. (He’s still the best QB who ever played for Chicago, but he no longer holds all of their volume passing records.) In the case of the Peyton Manning chapter, that means an almost complete rewrite. Because so much has changed for both Brady and Manning since 2012. In the case of the Joe Montana chapter, it’s a substantial rewrite that no longer comes out to Brady’s probably better, but Brady’s definitively better. (You saw Super Bowl XLIX, right? I mean, there’s other stuff, but that was kind of a big moment.) The chapter about other Super Bowl-winning QBs currently playing in the NFL also got a top-to-bottom rewrite (because, again, 2012 was a long time ago — at least in professional athlete years).
  • A whole huge, long list of league records and team records and career milestones that Brady has hit since the first edition was published.
  • And, uh, because I had to (thanks, Roger), there’s an author’s note that deals with Deflategate. Stupid. Pointless. Deflategate.

So there you go. Get out there and buy a copy. You know you want one. (By the way, so does your dad. And your sister-in-law. And … well, you know, everybody. And the holidays will be here soon enough.) Go.


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