Awesome Media Stuff

Steve Nelson and I both will be doing some radio tomorrow as Patriots Nation gears up for the Patriots to take on the Jets on Monday Night Football. I’ll hit you with some details on all of it in a second.

First, though, you’ve gotta check out the terrific notice Game Changers: The Greatest Plays in New England Patriots History got today in the Providence Journal. Books editor Doug Riggs calls me “the unofficial secretary of state for Patriots Nation” and says, “If there’s someone on your list who carries a Patriots Nation passport, buy him (or possibly her, but more likely him) this book and expect nothing useful from him (or her) for the rest of the day.”

Can’t ask for nicer press than that, can you?

And speaking of nothing better, here’s that radio info.

The great #57 — that’s Patriots Hall of Fame linebacker Steve Nelson — will be live on the air at WBZ, 1030 AM in Boston (and heard all over the northern and eastern United States) tomorrow at 7:20 a.m. (If you’re like me and you life in one of those weird spots where you somehow can’t get WBZ, just follow the link above to their web site and you can listen live on line.) WBZ also will post the interview with Nellie on their site and will air bites from the interview throughout the day. If you haven’t heard one of Steve’s interviews yet, take this opportunity. The guy had an amazing 14-year career with the Patriots and, like virtually all Pats alums, he’s got not great love for the New Jersey squad.

You can also hear me on the radio tomorrow. I’ll be taping a bit for Rock 101’s Scorch & The Afternoon Lumpa Nation at 2 p.m. It’ll air sometime between 2 and 7 p.m. Last time I was on the air with Scorch, I had an absolute blast. Can’t imagine anything less this time around. Maybe I’ll even get to remind the New Hampshire members of Patriots nation of my favorite truism: You can’t not beat the Jets. You can listen to that bit on line, too.

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