One More Day, One More Play

With copies of Game Changers: The Greatest Plays in New England Patriots History scheduled to ship from Chicago tomorrow (which I hope means they’ll hit the shelves of your favorite bookstore very soon), I’ve been thinking not only about what’s up ahead for me but what’s ahead for the Patriots. It appears to be one of those seasons when there’s a ton of promise but also many questions to be answered. It’s also, according to the experts, supposed to be a tough season in the AFC East. Both of those things bring to mind 2003. And that’s got me thinking about the game in Miami in which the Pats took control of the division. Here’s video of the huge OT touchdown pass from Tom Brady to Troy Brown that won a hard-fought game.

“For a quarterback, having a receiver like Troy Brown is very calming, settling. You know this guy’s going to catch the ball when you throw it to him, he’s going to get open when he’s supposed to, he’s going to do what you need him to do.”
— Steve Grogan

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